Presidential Roofing installs quality EPDM roof systems that are manufactured for superior strength and flexibility resulting in high-performance and energy-efficient new or re-roofing system for your facility.


Proven performance in locations that experience wide temperature fluctuations has made EPDM a dependable and versatile choice.

  • Built-in UV protection and thermal shock durability defends your roof from the sun.
  • During the winter, EPDM keeps its flex and protects your roof from high winds, hail and freezing temperatures.
  • Black EPDM in cool climates is used to reduce facility-heating costs.
  • It resists ozone deterioration and offers one of the highest tensile strengths of
  • membranes in the industry.
  • A 30-year warranty is available.

A unique attribute of EPDM is its ability to be easily repaired and restored, even after years of service and exposure to the elements. EPDM maintains its integrity and flexibility while other roof systems may degrade and become brittle over time from ultraviolet exposure.

  • Repair can be as easy as washing the membrane, preparing the surface, applying the repair material and coatings.
  • When system enhancements are incorporated, a repair can result in the expectation of long-term performance.
  • EPDM’s successful track record of superior overall system performance, ease of modification, repair and maintenance results in low life cycle costs.

Environmental Benefits:

  • EPDM provides LEED credit qualification, and is Energy Star rated and is Cool Roof Rating Council approved. (verify)
  • The initial production of the EPDM membrane has a low-embodied energy number. This number consists of the amount of energy required to produce and implement a product from material extraction, manufacturing, and installation.
  • EPDM provides an impervious surface so rainwater runoff is not polluted, is ozone and fire resistant, recyclable as well as economical.

To meet your specifications, we are certified installers of major roofing manufacturers, such as Duro-Last and Carlisle Syntec.

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