Preventative Maintenance Program

Presidential Roofing partners with building managers to ensure their roof investment is protected with regular commercial roof maintenance. It is an integral part of a fiscally responsible facility plan and a well-maintained roof can help extend the service life of a roof.

Presidential Roofing partners with you to create a comprehensive roof inspection report for each of your facilities. The inspection report illustrates your roof’s current condition, the age and size of the roof, and the type of roofing system present. It details factors that influence the existing or future roof condition, and serves as the foundation for your new commercial roof maintenance program.

A commercial roof should be inspected at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. Based on the results of your inspection we will tailor a maintenance program to suit your unique needs, objectives and budget. Our goal is to keep your roof in top shape so you can go about the business of running your business.

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