Roof Leak Repair and Services

Presidential Roofing offers customized roof leak repair and services to our clients. Flat roofing repair falls into two different categories: emergency repairs and maintenance-type repairs. A leak can interrupt operations, slow down workflow, result in equipment, structural, or perhaps inventory damage.

At Presidential Roofing:

  • We mobilize skilled repair teams to minimize water damage and save you money.
  • Our fully equipped team repairs the problem while you focus on your day-to-day business.
  • We’re ready to respond and are here when you need us.
  • We’ll give you the documentation necessary to help file insurance claims.
  • After the situation is under control, we’ll help you determine the best long-term roof options.

Emergency Repairs

Weather-related damage is the most common cause of emergency commercial roof repair needs. Severe storms can bring furious winds, severe hail, and torrential rains that can damage almost any roof. Presidential Roofing’s emergency repairs are often temporary and designed to offer immediate protection of the building’s structure and its contents, while establishing a safe water drainage route. After the emergency repair a professional inspection report is prepared for you, including a permanent commercial roof repair strategy and options to follow up on as soon as possible.

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Preventative Maintenance Repairs:

Adopting a proactive commercial roofing preventative maintenance and repair plan can extend the life of your roof, prevent leaks, and keep your tenants happy while saving you money in the long run. No matter where your roof is, in terms of age or condition, a comprehensive commercial roof repair plan is an investment in your facility and your business.

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