Roof Inspections

Presidential Roofing's roof inspection system is custom designed to meet your unique roofing challenge. A comprehensive roof inspection is the best way to identify any potential issues and correct them before a problem develops. Regular roof inspections are recommended at least two times a year, in the spring and fall. The inspections are valuable for determining the overall condition of an existing installation, documenting potential points of failure and helps forecast maintenance budgets.

How it works:

An experienced two-man inspection team performs a comprehensive inspection. The inspectors walk your entire roof to locate any points of water intrusion, areas of ponding, identify any separations, cracks, buckling and loose fasteners, check all flashing, inspect all vent penetrations, identify debris on the surface, gutters, scuppers and drains then photo document the findings and make recommendations on the completed report which includes:

  • Condition, moisture and substrate analysis
  • Penetration evaluation
  • Recommended repairs with estimated costs
  • Asset evaluation
  • Maintenance recommendations

The completed inspection report is used to:
  • Identify problems which can be quickly and easily repaired. The inspection report
  • provides you with documented findings, photo log, list of recommendations, options along with transparent competitive pricing.
  • Provide you with the information you need to proactively forecast maintenance budgets.
  • Track the condition of all your facilities roofs in a comprehensive and uniform manner.
  • Help you prolong the life of your existing roof by keep it watertight.

The roof inspection program is customized to fit any budget, any size facility, any warranty requirement and to define your specific scope of work for every roof.
  • Maintenance Program
  • Emergency Response Program
  • Roof Replacement

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