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Presidential Roofing installs elastomeric roof coatings over metal, modified bitumen, single-ply membrane, and built-up roof {BUR) systems as an affordable alternate to protect the integrity of buildings low-slope roofs.

Elastomeric Coating Benefits

  • Protection: Seals the roof surface, protecting it from rain and wind damage and resist deterioration from dirt and dust accumulation.
  • Energy Efficiency: White roof coating reduce thermal transfer by reflecting sun rays from the roof. This cool roof reflectivity enables the HVAC unit run less, saving on utility costs and prolong the life of the HVAC units.
  • Coating Costs are substantially less than replacing the roof entirely. Facility owners can save money while extending the life of their roof by 5 to 10 years.
  • Quick Installation: Elastomeric coatings can be applied quickly enabling you to continue your normal business operations.
  • Sustainability: Cool roofs that contain elastomers can help meet LEED, Energy Star and energy code requirements. Cool roofs reduce Urban Heat Island Effect to benefit your community.
  • Structural Benefits: Elastomeric roof coating does not add significant weight to the roof thereby maintaining your building's structure.
    • Warranties up to 20 years are available

The rubber-like components of elastomeric coatings expand when warmed and return to their original state as they cool down. The intrinsic "memory" reduces the risk of hardening and cracking enabling you roof to last longer.

As the demand for reflective roof coatings surges, Presidential Roofing is working with our roof coating manufacturing trade partners to offer customized state-of-the-art cool roof solutions.

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